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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

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Personal Image Shopping and Styling - Look Your Best

This is our most popular service amongst our clients. Each client gets the tailored attention they deserve, as we help with all their fashion and styling needs. We know how to make you look and feel your best, and will get you back to the stylish person you truly are in no time.  Book your personal consultation today, so we can get started with elevating your look.

Wardrobe Organization and Edit

Revitalize, revive and organize your wardrobe!  Our wardrobe sweep gives us a glimpse into your current clothing selection and lifestyle.  Try on clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories in your wardrobe so your stylist can begin the wardrobe assessment process.

Using our 3-point category system (“fabulous”, “on the fence” and “how dare you”) to re-organize your closet and define your personality, the results are a leaner, more stylish wardrobe for easy navigation.

Your stylist will develop a strategy to assist you in filling in the gaps in your wardrobe for a more functional and stylish lifestyle.

"Joy transforms lives through style. She is a special human being." ~Micah Christian of Sons of Serendip

Corporate Styling and Branding

Whether your organization is in the private or public sector, small or large; your stylist and personal image coach will help your organization look it's best. We know that dress codes have changed in the workforce, but we believe that one should dress for the position they want, not the one they are in.  So whether your business needs images for your website, press kit, social media content or marketing material, we personalize and style individuals or groups to deliver the perfect image.  


Corporate Workshops

We provide workshops and seminars geared to teach the benefits of dressing for success.  Attendees will learn about style, creating versatile work attire, and how to look their best.

Seminars will encompass how to:

  • Assess the appropriate business attire for your organization

  • Implement your organizations dress code 

  • Develop professional style and image

Please refer to our gallery for examples of our corporate work.


"No contest, the best. Style with nuance and freshness that startles. I love it." ~ Ronnie Siddique

Special Event Styling

If you are struggling to find the perfect outfit for an event or to pack for an upcoming trip, our Special Event Styling Service is for you.

We offer the following styling services: 

  • Galas  

  • Business travel

  • Weddings and Engagement 

  • Birthday celebrations

  • Anniversaries

  • Galas and special events

 Our service allows clients to receive personalized, tailored styling and direction to help determine the colors and styles that work best for your skin tone, shape, and style.​

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