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How to transition your wardrobe from season to season

Hello October, how have you been?  Most of us have missed you and awaiting your return, while some of us are a little sad to see September and summer go.  But no matter where you stand, one things for sure…some clothes have to say goodbye, and others get to say hello!  So October says, “it’s time for storage”!  Welcome Fall, Style by Kingsley is here to help you get ready for the new season.   The dreaded seasonal wardrobe change is upon us, and we will provide you with some helpful advice and reminders on the proper way to say goodbye and store your beautiful clothes for their debut next summer.

1. Dry clean your garments before storage, because a clean wardrobe helps keep the moths and bugs away…and I don’t believe any of us like bugs in our clothes. Take garments like sweaters or anything that has a stretching effect off the hangers in order to prevent that annoying hanger mark in the shoulders…we all know that mark because we’ve all made that mistake once. ;-).

2. Roll sweaters neatly and fold all garments that you will be storing. This will help maximize space, and keep your garments nice and shapely during their mini vacation.

3. Use the proper cotton based bags for storage.  The proper storage bags allow your garments to breath. Please note, dry cleaner bags, or store garment bags are not meant for storage…these are transportation garments bags only, from store to home and done!! You can find great bags at The Container Store or similar stores.

4. Cedar blocks are ideal for storage.  They help keep those pesky moths and bugs out of all those fabulous garments and blankets without that unpleasant moth ball odor.  You can find a variety of cedar (rings, sachets, blocks) to use depending on the type of storage bag you use.

5. Storage space is often a challenge for our city living dwellers, so get creative.  Store bags under your bed, or stack them up in your closet. You can even store your bags in your suitcases since most of us don’t travel that often, and when you do travel, swap out the contents until you return.

6. Now you are ready to say goodbye to your summer babies.  Store your garments in a temperature regulated room.  It’s important to have good air circulation and even temperature for the life of your garments. Try storing garments in guest bedrooms, or main areas of your home because these areas tend to have proper air circulation.  Do avoid basements because they tend to be damp, and certainly do not store your garments in the attic!

I hope these tips help you make the transition, and as always, contact us and see how we can make your fashion world stress free and fabulous!!

Fashion fades, only style remains the same ~Chanel

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